Planning for Married Couples: PART 3 – flexibility in plan

Building Flexibility into the Estate Plan Formula Clauses: “General Power of Appointment Marital Trust” In developing an estate plan for a married couple, we may direct that all assets pass to the surviving spouse, place assets in a Marital Trust or Credit Shelter Trust for the benefit of the surviving spouse, or a combination thereof. [...]

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Planning for Married Couples: PART 1 – Asset protection 

Strategy for Asset Protection: Holding Property as Tenants by The Entireties in Florida In Florida, when property is held by a husband and wife, as tenants by the entireties, only the creditors of both spouses, jointly, may attach the tenancy by the entireties property. The property is not divisible on behalf of one spouse alone, [...]

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This is an introduction for a six part series on planning for married couples. Over the next several weeks, I will be presenting a series of blogs concerning Asset Protection Strategies, Building Flexibility into an Estate Plan, and Comparing Trust Design Options for Married Couples. This is increasingly important information as there has been a [...]

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