Free Initial Telephone Consultation

WHY SHOULD YOU CALL FOR A FREE INITIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION? If you have landed on this page, it means that you have an Elder Law problem, and need a solution. 

Most people who have an elderly parent or spouse with chronic health problems, ask their family lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or close friend for help; which typically results in bad advice. The reason is simple. Elder Law is a specialty.. The Florida Bar has designated “Elder Law” as an area of specialization requiring at least 5 years of substantial practice in Elder Law, peer review and a difficult exam covering 19 separate areas of elder law. It is no wonder that the advice you get from a person who is not a board certified Elder Law attorney is typically wrong, or at the very least, incomplete.

When you call The Elder Law Center of Mondschein and Mondschein, P.A., for a FREE telephone consultation, you have the opportunity to speak to Leonard E. Mondschein, Esq., a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney who is double Board Certified in Elder Law as well as Wills, Trusts and Estate Law by the Florida Bar, and also nationally certified in Elder Law by The National Elder Law Foundation, the sole national certification in Elder Law recognized by the American Bar Association.

Your case will first be discussed on the telephone to determine if The Elder Law Center of Mondschein and Mondschein, P.A. can assist you with some basic advice, invite you to arrange for an in-person consultation or suggest another firm specializing in your problem. Our firm has been in practice since 1979, so that we can provide you with the experience that you need and deserve.

Now that you know why you should call The Elder Law Center of Mondschein and Mondschein, P.A. for a FREE initial telephone consultation; why not call today? We want to hear from you, call us at (305) 274-0955