“What should I do with my mother’s home when she is in an assisted living facility or a nursing home and is no longer living at home?” This is one of the questions that I am frequently asked at initial consultations. Since all of mother’s income will typically be needed to pay for assisted living, [...]

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Can The Nursing Home Take My Home?

As an Elder Law Attorney, I have been asked the following question on several occasions: "Can the Nursing Home Take My Home?" While the simple answer is "No," it is also misleading. Elder Law is a complex practice, and simple answers can sometimes create a false sense of security. What follows is a more complete [...]

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Gerontologists (Who Are Those Guys?)

Gerontologists are health care professionals who specialize in working with the elderly. They provide services to individuals in nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals, and at home, as well as work with home health care agencies and other facilities. Some gerontologists are involved in research while others develop programs and training for the delivery of services [...]

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